The truth about trust

Sometimes you don’t really understand something until you see it’s complete opposite.

The world is so messed up that we don’t understand good without bad.  We can’t see light in the light, but only in the darkness. I guess that’s what John tried to say in John 1:5 – His light shines in the darkness.  So that inevitably means that we, who have the light, will always be faced with darkness.  We will have to trust God to let His light shine brighter through us, than the darkness around us.  We need Jesus like we need breath.  We need to follow Him, we need to know Him, we need to say what He says and do what He does.

Every year I pray and ask God for a word for the year.  I don’t have new years resolutions, but I always want to grow.  I listen to God to hear where I should go, in what area of my life I must grow. The thing is, I’ve realized that I often put boundaries on what God wants to do in my life.  I hear the word that He has for me, and then I put it in a 365 day box.  God has given me words in previous years that are definitely still true – get out of your comfort zone to grow; excellence; courage; and now in 2016 – trust.

But what is trust really?

Or should the question be – what is trust not?

Trust is not doubt, and it is not fear, and it’s definitely not tantrums about stuff that didn’t work out.  I think it is complete surrender of control and a belief that everything will be okey.

Something that I have been challenged by, is Hebrews 11.  Would you trust God for something, and do everything in preparation for it, even if you don’t know if you will get it?

This has led me to a question about my heart – do I do stuff to get stuff, or do I do stuff because God asks me to do it?

The naked truth is that I’ve always been doing stuff to get stuff. (Don’t we all?)  My heart is challenged by this.  Do I really trust that God will do something with the stuff that I do, even if I don’t control it or see the fruits of it?

I want to work faithfully, trusting that God will use the things that I do for His glory – even if I never see the results of it.

Huge paradigm shift.  Integrity of heart and skillfulness of hands.


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