Face the music

Every once in a while you get faced with some really tough things.

This is like that.

There’s one question that you should never ask if you’re not willing to suffer for the answer:


Why am I here?

If you’ve already asked the question, it is too late.  You can’t un-ask it. Continue reading “Face the music”


The limits of possibility

So reality struck.

My naive “everything is possible” attitude crashed and burnt.

Everything is not possible.

A butterfly is not a bird, and a bird not a butterfly.

Yet both has beauty and both was made by God for his glory.

And each has limitations.

I was deceived for thinking that there are no limitations, and I found the limitations.  (I burnt out), and I learnt that you can’t just keep on giving if God is not filling you up more than you’re pouring out. If you want to keep on giving, you need to keep on receiving more than you give.  Spending more time with him, not less. Continue reading “The limits of possibility”

2015 – Courage

This is the word that God has put on my heart for the year:


I know that God is calling people for His work, and I have put up my hand.  My biggest desire is a life with purpose.   I want to stand before God one day and hear Him say “Well done, good and faithful servant.” He is kind, he warned me that it would take courage.  He gave me time to count the cost, to make sure that I’m up for it.  He did not promise that it wouldn’t be hard, but He did promise that He will equip me.

“Courage is not something that you already have that makes you brave when the tough times start.  Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you discover they aren’t so tough after all.” – Malcolm Gladwell, David & Goliath Continue reading “2015 – Courage”

2014 in Review

Wow, what a year!

Looking back at 2014 brings a lot of excitement to my heart!

First, a rough list of things that came to an end:  the end of rebellion against God’s plans, the end of false inferiority, the end of holding back, the end of fear of failure (or at least letting it stop me), the end of small thinking, the end of negative thinking, the end of caring what people think, and (hallelujah for this) the end of chronic knee pain.

All of the above mentioned things did not end without being replaced with something better.  When I prayed for a word for 2014, the word was Excellence.  I wrote that I want to be a dreamer, and a go-getter.  I want to stand before God one day and hear Him say “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Phil 4:8 “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Continue reading “2014 in Review”

Keep on failing

Learning is a process of elimination.  Failure is inevitable.

I used to be VERY afraid of failure.  I used to avoid doing things because of fear of failure.  In overcoming that, I have learned that you have to be willing to fail.  You have to fail again and again to eliminate the failures, learn from it, and carry on.  You can’t just know the right answer every time – this was a very humbling revelation for me.

Fear binds you up, it cripples you and it keeps you down.  Fear is not from God.  2 Tim 1:7.  How do you get rid of fear?   Continue reading “Keep on failing”

2014 – The Year of Excellence

I want to live a life of excellence, because I believe that everything that God has created was meant to be excellent.  In 2013 I have become the un-finisher of all things – I love to start things, but I never follow through.  This is frustrating me ENDLESSLY, and I want it to change in 2014 for good.  In order to do this, I will be adapting an intentional lifestyle in 2014.

So here’s the (very intentional) plan for 2014: Continue reading “2014 – The Year of Excellence”

2013 in Retrospect

Wow, what a year!

This year was the start of a completely new season in my life.  I finished my studies, moved to a small town called Secunda and started working.  My box was shaken and the change was rough, the challenges many, but I don’t regret any of it and I look back with a grateful heart!

It was a year where I was faced with fear and conquered it.  I touched the edge of depression, but I made it through and came out stronger.  I learned about living with an eternal perspective and about fear of God, rather than fear of man.  I learnt that serving God is not about works, but about faith.   I learnt that faith is about NOT knowing and still trusting God, believing that He has good plans for my life.  I learnt about living in accountability with other believers.  I learnt that my thoughts and attitudes have a BIG impact on my life, and that I need to keep watch of my mind.  I started learning about excellence (rather than striving), and that God created me to be excellent in everything I do.  I mark that as the theme for 2014:  A Year of Excellence. Continue reading “2013 in Retrospect”